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Ot-heart-help.com also offers other heart health products from the same company that I buy my heart help related products. I have included on this page a small list of other heart health and body related products for men or women that you may want to know about as well. These other health products are for various other heart health and body issues and I will include a link or Banner for you to review the other health product's page. Again please feel free to contact me about the heart health products I take or other how to reverse heart disease products I have taken in the past, I give my heart help information about my heart health problems and issues out freely and with nothing but complete honesty. I will include short descriptions/summary about the health products offered and the link or banner for you to click on at the bottom of the short descriptions.

1. "HG ManUp"

Starting in their 40s or even in their 30s, men experience a drop in testosterone production. It tends to progress year by year. Once decline reaches a significant level, symptoms of low testosterone or “andropause” (male menopause) can appear.

These may include the following:
Lowered sex drive
Loss of erections
Taking longer to recover from injuries and illness
Lethargy and less energy
Muscle weakness and aches
Morning stiffness
Mid-section weight gain… “spare tire syndrome”
Inability to sleep
"Sore body syndrome"

How It Works
There are testosterone receptor sites all throughout your body, with the most in your heart and brain. As a man ages, these become locked and do not allow testosterone to be released into your bloodstream anymore.

HG ManUp™ is doctor formulated, 100% natural supplement with nutrients to turn on production and increase the testosterone level in your body quickly, safely, easily and for a low cost…with no prescription, no doctor visits, no expensive gels or creams, no injections and no side effects. It also has other special nutrients that a boost man’s sexual desire and help him perform when the time is right. And that's why HG ManUp™ is truly the next generation in men's sexual health.

Organic Heart Health That Works!

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2. "HG Trim"

HG Trim™ is a unique formula which combines the active ingredients from several popular weight loss products. There are 60 capsules per bottle and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules any time after breakfast. This is a much easier program to follow than all the other weight loss products that recommend taking 30 minutes before each meal. How many times do you forget to take it at home before your meal or forget to take it with you when you go out to eat. What you will notice is a more alert and energetic feeling that will last all day long. The caffeine in HG Trim™ is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee, but is a time released energy without a crash at the end of the day.

When the fat burning and appetite suppressing power of HG Trim™ is combined with HG Cleanse (a colon cleansing product) and HG Slim (a great tasting meal replacement), a person will find the pounds start to shed in no time

1. Increase Energy…with an increase in energy, you will have not only the energy to be more functional throughout the day but you will also have the energy to take on an exercise program when you get home at night, which means calories burned.

2. Decrease Appetite…no longer will you be dominated by your food cravings which means fewer calories throughout the day and a sensible meal at night.

Increase Metabolism…as we age, our metabolisms slows way down, which is why you start noticing that all of a sudden the things you ate when you were young now are showing up around your waist or on your backside. When you increase the metabolism you are burning calories all day long even while sitting at your desk. HG Trim™ accomplishes all three of these goals because of its five unique, active ingredients

3. "HG Slim"

HG Slim™ shakes offer a powerful combination of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber as well as a complete blend of fruits (pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, mangosteen, noni, acai, pineapple, strawberry, grape fruit, grape seed, mixed berry), blend of vegetables (carrot, radish, broccoli, red tea), grass blend (oat, barley, wheat, buckwheat), mushroom blend (Maitake, Shaitake, Reshi) as well as spirulina and chlorella which are great for detox and immune system strengthening.

Key Benefits of taking this product:

Lose Weight

Control Appetite
Increase Energy
Boost Immune System
19 Grams of Protein Per Serving
24 Vitamins & Minerals
38% of Daily Value in Calcium
High in Dietary Fiber
Low Sodium/Low Fat
1:1 Ratio of Proteins to Carbohydrates

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