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I thought I would add a section about me so that people visiting the heart health website would know that I'am a real person who actually has had several heart attacks and several heart health related surgeries over the past 12 or so years. I had my first heart attack while at work at the age of 28 years old. It was an agonizing pain unlike any other I had ever experienced. I thought I was in good shape,I worked out regularly and had a pretty good amount of stamina- not to mention I was still in my 20's. None of my working out mattered and looking healthy didn't matter either.

I have had a heart attack almost every 2 years since the first one in 2004. I have had a heart attack in 2006,2008,2011,2013, and about 3 or 4 smaller heart attacks in 2010 and 2014. To say I have gained a good amount of personal knowledge about cardiovascular disease and heart attacks would be an understatement. I have had to deal with over a decade of agonizing heart health pain and suffering pertaining to this heart health disease. I have taken and followed the heart doctor's recommendations and heart medications as well as the heart health dietary changes proposed. Again,none of that mattered- I was still having the heart attacks and the daily angina pain.

Know how to reverse heart disease

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I started looking for an alternative to the heart medications that obviously weren't working in late 2014. I tried several heart health related products I found online but nothing seemed to work without either a fee that was too steep ( I had lost my job by that time, and relied on disability payments) or the products had negative side effects. I honestly felt like either I was going to find a product that helped out my heart attack problems or I was probably going to die in my 30's.

I then came across CARDIO FOR LIFE and decided to give it a try- the price was the lowest of all the other products I had tried and it included much needed heart health ingredients like Omega 3 and CoQ10 and magnesium as well as others I had uncovered information about to stop heart attacks. Ever since trying this product I have actually started not only getting better, but I FEEL better than I have in over a decade.

I wanted to be sure and thank the visitors for coming to my site. I made it to try and help those that might not have any idea about how to reverse heart disease or stop heart attacks and I truly hope you find a heart disease cure to stop heart attacks from happening to you.